Ector is a valet parking service in airports and train stations.

The company makes it easier to reach an airport or a train station by handling the parking spot search process for plane and train passengers. An Ector valet takes care of the passenger’s car when he / she arrives at the airport or at the train station, the valet then parks it in a secure car park close by and gives it back to the passenger at the end of his / her trip.

Specialised in B2B IoT and predictive maintenance, Stimio was founded by David Dorval and Julien Bordet.

The company designs and markets connected solutions: from sensors to data valorisation platforms based on artificial intelligence. These solutions enable the SNCF Group to get the best out of its fleet and rail infrastructures: from predictive maintenance to the optimisation of rail operations. Stimio ensures reliable equipment on a secure railway network.

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