Specialized in the collection and analysis of shared mobility data (bikes, scooters, scooters and cars), fluctuo has become the European leader in the sector in less than three years.

Indeed, fluctuo positions itself as a facilitator between shared mobility operators on the one hand and transport, tourism and leisure actors on the other. Currently in collaboration with SNCF Connect & Tech, fluctuo’s solutions are perfectly in line with the SNCF Group’s desire to promote intermodality and to support the transition to a greener mobility.

Specialised in B2B IoT and predictive maintenance, Stimio was founded by David Dorval and Julien Bordet.

The company designs and markets connected solutions: from sensors to data valorisation platforms based on artificial intelligence. These solutions enable the SNCF Group to get the best out of its fleet and rail infrastructures: from predictive maintenance to the optimisation of rail operations. Stimio ensures reliable equipment on a secure railway network.

Ector is a valet parking service in airports and train stations.

The company makes it easier to reach an airport or a train station by handling the parking spot search process for plane and train passengers. An Ector valet takes care of the passenger’s car when he / she arrives at the airport or at the train station, the valet then parks it in a secure car park close by and gives it back to the passenger at the end of his / her trip.

Founded by Aurélien de Meaux and Julien Bellato, Electra is ranked as one of the leaders in fast charging for electric vehicles in France.

Electra’s purpose is to strengthen the French network of ultra-fast charging stations, particularly in urban areas, and to adapt it to the strong increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road in France.

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